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Landers Photography School - Help Wanted
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I have been photographing people for about 4 years now. I learned so much from taking classes with Jim! He was totally flexible with my schedule as I was working full time at an office job. We worked in the studio and even went on location for some photo shoots. He taught me all about the different settings on my camera, what “depth of field” “aperature”, “composition” and “ISO” and all the other photography lingo was. I learned how to use an on camera flash for weddings and focused mostly on outdoor photography. I am still using all of the skills he taught me today. After taking a 10 week course I was able to start my own business and I even photographed some weddings through Affordable Wedding Photography. This past May I joined with another photographer in Kerrville and we have Studio G Portraits.

Jennifer Lankford
Studio G Portraits

I highly recommend Jim's photography classes to anyone interested in pushing their knowledge to the next level. Jim was extremely patient, easy to understand, and taught me what I needed to know in order to use the manual controls of my camera. We went at my pace, and didn't move on until both of us were satisfied that I understood the material.

Thanks to the instruction I received from Jim, I now have a photography business photographing children, families, and weddings.

Leah Godfredson

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending Jim Landers’ Basic Photography and Wedding Photography classes in 2007. We decided to start a photography business after being disappointed with our wedding photos. However, after investing about $2000 in equipment, we soon learned that there was far more to photography than releasing the shutter.

I came across Jim’s website while looking for photography ideas, and noticed that he taught classes. We enrolled in the Basic Course, and to this day I would say it was money well spent. The environment was very relaxed and perfect for learning. What I liked most was that the classes were more knowledge sharing sessions as opposed to boring lectures, and that he taught at our pace. He also assigned fun but challenging projects to help master certain techniques. These techniques are now tools that we will have in our “tool box” forever.

After the basic class, we couldn’t wait to begin the Wedding Photography class. In this class we learned interview techniques, pricing, proofing, how to interact with the Bride and guests, and how and when to capture those timeless shots.

Today, our business is starting to lift off. We have 12 weddings booked for 2008, and 3 so far for 2009. I can honestly say without the strong foundation that Jim gave us, we would not be nearly as successful as we are starting to become.

Cedric Patterson
Owner, Patterson Photography

I liked Jim's style, he was both informative and easy going. His teaching style balances his experience and technical expertise with his ability to draw out a student's own initiatives and interest. He leads without pulling and yet he pushes his students to try new approaches both technically and visually within their photography. Jim shares the love of his own work while being open to learning from his students. In addition to being an extraordinary photographer, Jim Landers is also an excellent educator.

Knowledgeable, articulate and witty, Jim kept my interest and attention and taught me exactly how he thinks and works. Jim is clear and concise and does not make any topic too complex. He is very willing to answer questions and makes himself readily available. His knowledge, experience and sense of humor all add up to a well-paced, informative class.

Marie McGovern, PMP

Jim is a great teacher. He took time to address the basics as well as the topics I specifically wanted to cover. He would customize the class to the depth I needed for each topic. I would highly recommend his class for any photographer wanting to improve.

Jennifer Robertson

I have always had an interest in photography and I never seem to be anywhere without my camera. I was looking for a place to take lessons so I could finally take my camera off Auto and make it work for me in any situation. I found Jim Launders photography and signed up immediately. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time with Jim as he walked me through the very Basic lessons, which helped me understand how Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO can change a picture dramatically. Jim also takes the time to help you learn your own camera, which is one of the best parts of the class and well worth it. I enjoyed Jim’s constructive feedback to my homework and it helped me understand what people see in my photos.

Kris Maxymof

Thank you Jim, it was a pleasure learning [about] wedding photography from you. It was an eye opener on the things that I hadn't thought of doing in the past, like photographing the rings alone with the bouquet and the many other things that need to be done while at an event. For a little while I was going, "what in the world am I doing, thinking I can be a wedding photographer." But I felt more at ease as I started catching on to the details. You can't do it all when you "shoot" alone, but you can concentrate on the "emotional" aspects of the wedding. It was a great session and I know that if you taught a group, more would come to "light". The "lists of things to do" was awesome and had me wanting to go back to my future clients and talk to them some more, which I will. You are a great instructor, your persona allows the student to relax and have fun while learning. Keep up the great work of instructing and photographing....we'll be seeing you again.

Sylvia Smith
Photographer and photography teacher

The classes I took with Jim Landers were awesome. He not only shows you how to take amazing photographs, Jim also made it very convenient for our company by coming to our location and tailoring the lessons to meet our photography needs. He was a constant professional and gave great insight in how to best utilize our equipment.

Leslie Denning
Miller Curtain Co., Inc.

Photography was always a hobby of mine that I soon came to realize I wanted to make it more, I found Landers Photo School online and after speaking to Jim I decided to sign up for The Basic. Jim was a great teacher, very friendly and was always willing to work with my crazy work schedule. I learned everything from the history of photography to having the ability to bring emotion into the photos.

After completing the courses I was able to feel confident with my knowledge and began photographing families, children and weddings. If you're looking to stick your foot into the business sign up for classes, you won't regret it!

Melissa Martinez - Photographer

I have learned a lot from your lessons, what I appreciate the most is how to talk to the clients. It is very important to listen to what they want before you try to sell. This is a proven fact and I boosted my sales as a result. Always be confident in the photographs you take, photography is an artistic expression and not everyone expresses themselves in the same way.

Marlyne Y Carrillo