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Landers Photography School - Help Wanted
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Photography 202: Studio Lighting

Landers Photography School - Studio lighting

This course includes an introduction to studio equipment and techniques, including the use of strobes, ambient vs flash photography, studio accessories, metering strategies, and basic lighting set-ups.  A general knowledge of cameras and exposure is required for this course, and students must have access to an SLR camera.  Upon completion, students will have a good working knowledge of lighting equipment and strategies, as well as a better understanding of general photographic principles and problem-solving.

Prerequisite: Photo 101, Photo 102, Also recommended: Photo 201

Cost: $389

This course has 10 hours of instruction (5, 2-hour sessions)

Class beginning date and time:

  • Fridays beginning May 31 from 1:30-3:30 pm (once a week for 5 weeks)

Call or email if you have questions:

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