Are you interested in starting a photography business? Are you willing to exchange your time for knowledge?

Photographer with over 20 years experience (portraits, weddings, events, commercial) is seeking an apprentice. Work for knowledge NOT money. This is not for everyone, if you don't want to be a successful photographer don't waste your time!

Are you aware that as many as 19 out of every 20 photographers who start a business fail within the first two years? They don't put down their cameras; they just don't have a business with the ability to support them. You might think that someone with a college degree in photography wouldn't have any problem getting their business going... College is supposed to prepare you for the real world, but I can tell you from experience that it did not help me on the business side of things -only real-world experience will do that.

About Jim Landers (owner/photographer):
  • College degree in photography
  • Kodak has used his work for their advertising
  • only photographer with a permanent display at the AT&T Center (Spurs)
  • celebrity photographer (sports stars, TV stars, political VIP's (including two US Presidents)
  • clients include many fortune 500 companies (Marriott Hotels, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, LOTS more)
The right person will spend their time with me learning the in's and out's of the photography business. And then have the potential to start their own successful photography business with more knowledge than 95% of all of the photographers out there.

Apprenticeship vs. Internship

The biggest difference is your ability to commit your time. The apprentice program is full-time (or very close to it). The Intern program is part-time and is great for students, full-time Mothers, those with a full-time job, and others without much time but a strong will to start their own photography business.

If you are serious, determined, dedicated, hard-working, honest, teachable, caring, and you understand that knowledge is extremely valuable, then I want to talk to you. There are up to five positions available.

Contact Us

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