If you feel the need to drop:

Contact your instructor to visit about your situation; There may be a solution to work things out. Dropping out has the potential to make you ineligible in the future, so contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Withdrawing from the program during the Semester

Students who are considering withdrawing from the program should first contact the instructor. If, after consultation between the student and the instructor, there is a decision to withdraw, it is the responsibility of the student to schedule a visit with their advisor. If after consulting with the advisor it is decided that you will withdraw, you must fill out the “Withdrawal from program Form”. The student should check to verify that the withdrawal was processed.

The effective date for withdrawing from the program is the date the withdrawal is processed. Students who do not go through the withdrawal process will be ineligible for future consideration in the program. Withdrawal from the program requires the return of all school-owned property and payment of all outstanding debts.

Forced Withdrawal

Failure to maintain satisfactory progress may result in probation and possible loss of program eligibility. Students who consistently fail to do their work are wasting their time and they also degrade the group dynamic of the classroom. We want all to succeed, but we will not allow those who are consistently behind reduce the experience of those who are doing what they should be doing. Unless its extreme, students will be given a warning, then probation, then forced withdrawal. In this instance, you only owe through the end of your current semester.

Emergency Withdrawing from the program

In case of emergency where the student must withdraw from the program, the student may request withdrawal by one of the following: 1) School Office or 2) advisor. Special arrangements may be made depending on the emergency. The decision of Landers Photography School is final.

Paying for the program after withdraw

If you drop before, on, or after the first day of a semester, your tuition and fees may be discounted, and you may receive a partial refund if you have already paid in full.

If you withdraw or are dropped after you have completed 10 percent of the semester (2 weeks into the fall/Spring semester or one week into the summer semester) or if you are dropped for non-attendance, you still owe the entire balance of the semester.

Refunds for Dropped Classes

When a student withdraws from the program, if they have paid in full, tuition and mandatory fees will be refunded according to this policy:

Summer Terms

  1. Prior to first class day—80 percent
  2. During first five days—50 percent
  3. During sixth and seventh days—25 percent
  4. No refund after the seventh day

Fall & Spring Semester

  1. Prior to first class day—80 percent
  2. During first 10 days—50 percent
  3. During 11th-15th days—25 percent
  4. No refund after the 15th day

For information about the refund policy, call the school Office at 210-681-8552.

NOTE: The term “day” refers to the number of calendar days the program has been in session. “Mandatory fees” include General Services Fee, Facilities Fee, and Lab Fees. “Optional fees” are non-refundable.

Tuition refunds apply only to that portion of a student’s enrollment for which tuition has been charged and payment received. Tuition and fees paid directly to Landers Photography School by a sponsor, donor or scholarship will be refunded to the source, rather than directly to the student.