The "Career Photographer" program is for low-volume portrait and event photographers (not sports, nature, travel, medical, or forensics photography), for family, high school senior, newborn, children, boudoir, headshots, business and personal events, Weddings, etc. You will learn the foundation of photography, intermediate photography, and advanced photography techniques with a large part of the program on the business side: Business planning, marketing, client relationship management, how to communicate with clients in person, on the phone, and text-based (text, email, website, etc.) -everything associated with staying in business for a career!

Landers Photography School is the only photography and business specific program in the area and we accept only the finest applicants. We seek individuals who demonstrate competence, character, and passion. Those who aspire to make it happen against all odds and want to help others by actions that will uplift the entire photography community. This is not a quick program, there is simply too much to learn, it takes 2 years to complete this program.

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