Elite Three or 'E3' for short

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The best job in the world is a full-time professional photographer! Well that's what I think! Of course it comes with a lot of stuff that we didn't expect and the details take WAAAAY longer than we ever thought they would.

So I have developed a complete way to make it so much easier in the long-run. There isn't a shortcut to a successful photography business. It takes determination, hard work, perseverance, dedication, the support of those important to you, and the most important thing a plan that you will work on each day. You must be committed to learning the business of photography.

 2019 Jim DSC 0083 v2 square  To participate you will fill out the interview request form and be interviewed by Jim Landers (informal and fun) to see if this is a good fit for you. 

  • This is the easy part, I know, INTERVIEW -sounds serious, but it is beneficial to do this and you will like it -so do it!
  • No one gets in without an interview.  I have to know that you are  -this program is a tool to focus your life and your business, it only works for those who are serious.
    -it takes too many of my resources and too much of my time to not be strict about this. Besides, don't you want the other students on the class to be as cool as you?!

Photographers must meet the following criteria to be considered:
Already started your business or you will be starting soon (if you think you want to start in a few years, this isn't for you -because it will cause you to drop anything else and focus on your photography business!)

  • Wildly, ridiculously, seriously dedicated portrait or Wedding photographer, who wants to have a profitable portrait or event photography business.
  • Must be able to meet for two-hours a week for nine weeks straight. (no absences, unless you agree to watch the recording -which counts as attendance)
  • Must make sufficient time to complete all homework assignments on time (there is a lot of homework! -between one and four hours per week)

Nine Rules:  You must agree to the following rules: If you cannot agree to even just one of them, you do not qualify as SERIOUS in my opinion!

1.       100% dedication –you cannot quit for ANY reason.  (quitters will not get their money back, I can lead a horse to water but I cannot make him drink, that's on you)

2.       You will take notes

3.       You will complete (that means 100% complete) all homework assignments (no excuses)

4.       your goal is 100% attendance – either watching the livestream or watching the recordings.

5.       For those attending live: You will be on-time and you will not leave early, ever, no excuses (medical only)

6.       During this course, all email, texts, and other forms of communication from me must be responded to within 24 hours

7.       You will share your progress on Facebook (additional accountability -I will show you what I mean. There is a alternate option for the additional accountability.)

8.       No photography technique/equipment questions, this is the business of photography only

9.       Rules may be amended, or added to at anytime


  1. You will become overwhelmed

  2. You will get frustrated

  3. You will think about quitting

You will understand why it is worth it. At the point of frustration, I want you to know that it is not a 'wall of frustration' its a 'step'. A step that you are incredibly close to getting past, but only if you make it happen. I am there to help!

Still with me! Great! Click here for more info and an interview request form.