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Career Photographer program:

(This is our flagship program for becoming a professional portrait photographer - one year, certificate program)

Mission Statement
The Career Photographer program enables, engages, and enriches photographers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful on both the photography side and the business side so that they may make a real career out of portrait and/or event photography, resulting in an outstanding return on investment for our students.

Core Values
Landers Photography School serves the photographer community through its programs and services that help photographers succeed in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful photographer. Students are taught by highly qualified instructors dedicated to creating a learning centered, positive environment. Student services include coaching, tutoring, competitions, seminars, workshops, and developmental instruction.

  1. Excellence: Continuous superior achievement through high ethical standards, strong work ethic, conscientious of the environment, trustworthiness/honesty, determination, critical thinking, service to others, correct vocabulary, and continuing education. Build on the talent of instructors through collaboration, experiences, and growth opportunities.
  2. Collaboration: developing programs and relationships that provide a path to sharing and growth of the entire photographer community and beyond.
  3. Community Engagement: Creating opportunities for all photographers -from initial interest to the full-time pro. Through camera club speakers and events, involvement with local events, and creating photo competitions and photo events open to the entire community.
  4. Student Success: Provide high level, practical education with a support system fostering personal and professional growth. Assist in the creation of a comprehensive life/career destination plan to accelerate personal and career goals. Exceed national averages of photographer income.
  5. Integrated Planning:  Strategic plan, Action plan, Results management and Improvement, two-way communication.
  6. Responsibility: Creating an environment where taking responsibility, listening, considering other opinions, and seeing a subject from a different point of view, is a matter of pride and caring that is beneficial to us both socially and personally.

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