Information about applying to our photographer program:

Welcome to “Admissions” and “Enrollment Planning” at Landers Photography School!

We thank you for your interest in the Landers Photography School “Career Photographer” Program,


Ideal Applicant:
Motivated, happy, conscientious, trustworthy, empathetic, goal-oriented, determined, good listener, wants to please their client, understands that there is always more to learn.

About the Program:
This program is made for portrait and event photographers (not sports, nature, travel, medical, or forensics photography). Low-volume/high profit (family, high school senior, newborn, children, headshots, business and personal events, Weddings, etc.) You will learn the business side of photography: Business planning, marketing, client relationship management, how to communicate with clients in person, on the phone, and text-based (text, email, website, etc.) -everything associated with staying in business for a profitable career!


Steps to enrollment:

  1. 1. Schedule a Zoom consultation

The process begins with an online consultation to talk about your goals and make sure that what we do will help you reach them (its OK if you don;t have any goals set yet)

  • 2. We will tell you during the consulation if we think its right for you and if so we will follow it up with a response letter:
  • What does the letter tell you and what are the next steps and deadlines?

    The response letter is the document that formally informs you that you have been accepted into the program. This letter is more than just ‘accepted’ -There are five possible outcomes of a consultation:

    • Waiting List

    This sometimes is just the initial phase, especially if we have too many applicants requesting admission and we haven’t yet narrowed down the choices -we may be using this as a way of narrowing applications down to a manageable number! Being put on a waiting list is generally a positive sign for your chances of admission. We may ask you in writing whether you would accept being put on the waitlist. If you decline, your application to the program is at an end, equivalent to a rejection for admission. If you accept to be put on the waitlist you should inform the school in writing. This is an excellent chance for you to communicate that you are an effective communicator -extremely important for a photographer.

    • Conditional Admission

    You are accepted into the program, but you cannot enroll if you do not meet some requirements prior to the start of term or by a deadline set by the school. These requirements might be; for example, an additional test, a past debt to the school, a delayed enrollment, a prerequisite course, etc. It would be explained in the letter. And you will have an opportunity to visit with us about it.

    • Acceptance

    “Congratulations! you have been accepted into our Career Photographer program” The letter of admission is a confirmation that you can enroll in our program.

    • Rejection with a path to acceptance

    We would like to accept you, but there is something impeding that response. The reasons will be listed in the response letter, as well as the steps necessary for you to take in order to become accepted as well as a deadline date for doing so.

    • Rejection

    It is not enjoyable to receive this letter, but it does not necessarily mean that we don’t think that you are the right fit. This could be as simple as ‘the request was late’, or that we ‘reached the maximum number of students’, it does not necessarily mean that you did not meet the requirements -but it could, and we would tell you in the response letter the exact reason for rejection. This letter will also state if we would like for you to apply again or not.

    Sample Acceptance letter:

    Dear [name of accepted],

    I am pleased to congratulate you on our acceptance into our “Career Photographer” (CP) program. We are delighted to accept you into our program and feel confident that you will make a great addition.  As you know, Landers Photography School is the only ‘photography business’ specific program in the area and we accept only the finest applicants. We are impressed with your enthusiasm and determination and gladly chose you from our pool of applicants to enroll in our program.

    At Landers Photography School we seek individuals who demonstrate competence, character, and passion. Those who aspire to make it happen against all odds and want to help others by actions that will uplift the entire photography community.

    In order to ensure official enrollment into our program, please call us to schedule a visit with Jim Landers, no later than [date] to go over ‘next steps’, review the program guide and sign the program agreement. Please understand, you are responsible for information about your program: homework, classroom days, academic standing, course loads, program requirements, coaching, and other information necessary to complete the program.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our telephone number is (210)663-0558 and my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.

    We trust that you will be pleased with the nurturing environment of Landers Photography School to learn and grow so that you gain the potential to have a long, full-filling career in photography. Thank you for choosing to apply to our “Career Photographer” program.


    Jim Landers
    Landers Photography School


    Your Application Status

    Landers Photography School uses email as the official means of communication. You are required to maintain a current email address in our database and to check your email regularly. The excuse, “you never told me”, is unacceptable at Landers Photography School.

    All offers of admission are provisional and subject to verification.  Please make sure to report accurate information. False information is subject to immediate rejection.


    Next steps

    After you receive your acceptance letter:

    • Say Thank you

    The first thing you do will be to share the great news with friends and family!

  • Say thank you to all the others who contributed to where you are so far today: past teachers, people who advised you, the person who told you about our program, family, anyone who helped make things happen for you -we all have supporters -acknowledge them.